School Of Management

We live in a world which is constantly trying to match up to high criterions and compete against each other and a Management degree is an icing on the cake. A Management degree is the most esteemed and popular course among the novices who want to outshine and climb the ladder of triumph without difficulty. Management alumnae are waged more than any other alumnus with an attractive gradation. An MBA qualification enhances an individual’s knowledge and trains them to become proficient to amplify their career prospects in future

At such time, it becomes fundamental to choose the right university to make your dream of owning a business degree true. Monad University is a name to count upon for the same. Here at Monad, in the School of Management, an individual is skilled to handle management and corporate issues and is prepared to compete and meet the criterions of the competitiveness around them.

Everybody is constantly busy in a rat race where all are contending against each other to prove themselves. The trials put forward by today’s cohort have made it obligatory to strengthen our skills and qualification to meet the criterions of reputed companies and the customers. The criterions are high as there are many personages who want to make it big in the B-world.

The curriculum has been especially tailor-made with the vision to make every individual knowledgeable and proficient to enter the World of Business. Educating our students is our passion and we focus on active learning through Industry Visits, Personality Development Modules, Research Assignments, Internship, Interactive Learning, Industry Visits and Live Projects.

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