Education & Humanities

Education and Humanities is the study of human circumstances, in which we use analytical, theoretical or critical methods as illustrious from the primarily pragmatic methodologies of the natural sciences.

Rise and Shine

Education and Humanities open various doors for novices who all looking for creativity and passion in their future. As a subject, it includes literature, languages, history, law, religion, philosophy, music, theatre and performing arts.

School of Excellence

Education and Humanities as a course has much more than books. At Monad University, we believe in imparting knowledge through freedom to our students. We believe in a world beyond books where an individual can express themselves without any burden. Our foremost emphasis will always be to make our institution a cerebral as well as artistic home for the students. The School of Education & Humanities seeks to provide a second home for the novices. It is a novel institution which promotes innovation and seeks to develop each individual’s potential.

Monad’s main focus is on individual development through imparting education, research, creative production and outdoor activities which develops an individual’s morals, linguistic competence, professional skills and positivity.

We believe in giving the best to our students through our highly equipped and technologically advance School of Humanities and Education.

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